What we know about Joakim's new game (pictured above):

- it is called "Solar Plexus"
- not about punching people in the stomach
- a 2D platformer with puzzle elements involving blocks
- uses the mouse as one of the control inputs
- small stages
- has a world map
- the main character is a woman in a suit
- 640x480 resolution (Noitu Love 2 is 320x240)
- most of the graphics in the game are drawn by hand
- expect awesome boss fights

Konjak's new site
IGF information page

Barely two months after releasing Treasure Hunter Man, Bernie is now hard at work on a new RPG.

Screenshots from messhof's Ghost Forest and Terror Bikes posted. Also announced: two separate games from cactus and messhof to be released this Friday (December 5th) - developed individually, but originally based on the same design concept.

A new game from Andreas Zecher, developer of the Understanding Games series.