The final version for Rescue: The Beagles was released just today, and it was also hinted that Linux and Mac ports are currently in the works as well. Changes and additions include:

- gamepad support
- new placid flow bonus: additional 200% added to total level score for not harming enemies (excluding vivisectors carrying beagles)
- improved HUD
- beagle location indicators
- new splash screen, main menu, story and instructional pages

Daniel Remar's Iji will also be getting a substantial update in the form of a new version soon (numbered 1.3). Documented changes include customizable weapon cycling keys, pacifist modifiers which allow players to complete the game with zero kills, script improvements and a couple of minor bug fixes. (full list of changes from the GMC thread in the extended)

Version 1.3

- New pacifist modifiers. It is now possible to get 0 kills, by fulfilling certain requirements where the story previously demanded that Iji was responsible for the deaths of certain bosses. For instance you get to fight alongside an Assassin on one boss (you can probably guess which one).

- Nearly all logbooks that were previously near enemies have been moved. If there are enemies present (other than ones that do not award kills), the logbook does not have any pacifist or other modifiers to its text, and/or is still intended to be reached only by players with aggressive or explorative playstyles. Logbooks explaining Hidden Skills have not been moved.

- Getting hurt by a Beast now adds 1 to your damage counter.

- "Innocent" is once again listed as needing at least 0 kills rather than 2.

- Some enemies removed/replaced throughout the Sectors.

- Tweaked or rewrote many cutscene, chat and logbook texts. The Tasen and Komato leaders' reputations are explored more by their people, for example.

- Some logbooks now make it more clear that defeating regular Assassins does not increase your kill count.

- Boss hints are now only unskippable once per boss room.

- Fixed Iosa's chat portraits.

- The column detail graphics in the cracking interface now displays in Tasen-Komato ternary, since it made more sense in context than binary.

- Ambient sounds are no longer heard in the Pause menu.

- Fixed Iji's outfit temporarily changing back to default in a boss room.

- The Iosa battle now has a specially designed camera.