Daffodils Wander Lonely as a Cloud in Flower (video)
Jenova Chen attempting to explain what the upcoming PSN release is all about. The game is expected to be available from the Playstation Network starting this 12th of February 2009, and will retail for $9.99. (source: Wired)

UGO's IGF Innovation Award Finalists 2009: Our Take (text)
Chris Plante picks apart this year's IGF nominees in the Innovation Award category.

New York Magazine's The New Art Form: If Jackson Pollock Were a Gamer (text)
Flower, World of Goo and De Blob lauded by New York Magazine in this recent article.

The Reticule: Analyzing the IGF (text)
The Reticule is currently running a weekly feature in which each IGF nominated game is scrutinized in detail. So far, they've written about Mightier, Musaic Box, Between and Dyson.

Big Download: IGF Finalist Showcase (text)
Joystiq's sister site is also taking a look at finalists in each IGF category, with articles about games from the Technical Excellence and Innovation Award already posted up.

5 Unorthodox PC Games to Watch in 2009 (text)
Machinarium briefly mentioned in this article about five upcoming games to keep an eye on.

GameTunnel: January 2009 Indie Game Round-Up (text)
Ten new games reviewed by by the panelists for this month's edition.

The Escapist: Mod & Blade (text)
A three-page article on some of the better mods that you can find for TaleWorlds' sandbox RPG, Mount & Blade. (Indie Developer Showcase)

Four Freaky Half-Life 2 Mods (text)
Darren Gladstone takes the IGF Student Showcase winners as a jumping-off point and picks out and expands upon the slightly inspired DADIU titles. (source: GameSetWatch)