Best Indie Games of 2008
A well-written article by James Murff, although links to the games are strangely missing. (fan art by Niklas Jansson)

 1. Spelunky
 2. Everyday Shooter
 3. Dwarf Fortress
 4. World of Goo
 5. Iji
 6. Mount & Blade
 7. Dyson
 8. Audiosurf
 9. Noitu Love 2
10. Multiwinia

Freeware games of exploration (Update)
Eight must-play freeware 2D platformers, if you have the slightest interest in indie games. (source)

Top 5 Flash Games of 2008 (Casualty Gamer)
Five games to hold your interest while votes for Jay is Games' best Flash and casual games are being tabulated.