Links to some of the recent interviews with prolific or high-profile indie game developers of today:

Jonathan Blow: The Next Phase (text)
Jon talks about the upcoming PC port of Braid, Steam, and his next possible project.

BestRideEver: A Talk with Dylan Fitterer (text)
Find out what Dylan has been up to these days, nearly a year after the release of his bestselling game Audiosurf.

Zeno Clash Interview - Part 1 (text)
Part one of the two-part interview with Andres Bordeu, designer of the upcoming Source-powered melee action game Zeno Clash.

Unknown Pleasures 2009: Blush (text)
This is the part where Flashbang Studios sign a pact with the devil, the minute they promise the internet that there would be six new Blurst games this year.