Links to some of the recent interviews with a couple of IGF 2009 finalists and high-profile indie game developers of today:

Tuna Snax Features: Dyson (text)
Rudolf Kremers and Alex May spilling the beans on their collaborative project Dyson.

Site of the Gaming Dead: Gish Creator Talks Xbox Live Arcade (text)
Edmund reveals interesting tidbits about his upcoming games in this special feature.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Venture Dinosauria (text)
Kieron Gillen chats with Andy Schatz to find out more about their third game in the Venture series. New Indie Videogame Movement (text)
An article about indie games thriving on consoles.

NPR: Computer Game A Mash-Up Of Crayons, Physics (audio)
A friendly chat with Petri Purho, developer of Crayon Physics Deluxe.