Ever since the announcement that the indie hit Xbox360-exclusive Braid is finally coming to PC, many avid Steam users have called for a Steam release of Jonathan Blow's time-warping masterpiece.

And so their dreams have been fulfilled! It was announced today by Valve that Braid will indeed be hitting Steam on March 31st at a price of $14.99 (12.99 EUR, £9.99). Jason Holtman, director of business development at Valve, had this to say on the release:

"Braid is arguably the strongest example of what can be accomplished by an independent game designer. From GDC to DICE, the title has deservedly collected numerous accolades and, along with World of Goo, Audiosurf and many others, is redefining the way people think about 'Independent Games.'"

It's worth mentioning that the original Xbox 360 version is still on offer for $10 at the moment for Gold Live members.