Shinobido is a web advergame for Acquire's PS2 stealth-based action title with a similar name, in which players assume the role of a ninja who has to storm five different samurai strongholds, carry out their assigned objectives and reach the topmost floor to complete the mission.

Only the space and cursor keys are needed to play this game. Surprise an enemy from the back to execute a stealth kill, or press the space key to throw a shuriken at an opponent and stun them momentarily. Direct confrontations should be avoided whenever possible, as some health would be lost if you trade blows with an adversary. Mission objectives range from collecting all scrolls in the current stage to killing a certain number of enemies to progress.

There are only five strongholds to infiltrate in total.

Name: Shinobido
Developer: Acquire
Category: Action
Type: Browser

Shinobido gameplay video