Dinowaurs is a hefty multiplayer combat/strategy game done completely in real-time. Players pick a dinosaur, give him a name, dress him up, kit him out with weapons, then aim in the direction of the enemy and blow them to pieces.

Each team is given a set of villages and each village generates money which can in turn be turned into bigger and better weapons to destroy the opposition with. Online matches are found via a matchmaking system and there's a tutorial to plug your way through, so you can get to grips before taking on the world.

There's actually a lot going on here, with a nice online ranking system to boot. It appears that initial reactions from players are rather varied, with some loving the mix of combat and trajectory-work and others just not liking it at all. Overall it's good solid fun which is easily accessible for those who want a quick, silly game, yet deep enough for serious players to keep at it.

Play it over at Kongregate Games now. There's a gameplay trailer below, too.