One can't help but think that Passage had been the catalyst for the creation of many 'art games' we've been seeing in the last year or so, from Daniel Bernmergui's I Wish I Were the Moon to Gregory Weir's The Majesty of Colors, and even Tales of Tales' pair Auriea and Michaël couldn't resist contributing an attempt of their own with the release of The Graveyard. We could also argue that biggt's La La Land series first set the stage for others to follow, although how much of that was an influence to Jason Rohrer's work we would never know.

Terry Cavanagh's Pathways is another entry in this line of interactive storytelling, where the progression of a tale is dictated by your choices, and hence the key moments and endings will be directly affected as well. As hinted by the title, players are offered the options of taking one route or another at many of the junctions to be found inside the game, with all paths previously explored conveniently marked by a fuzzy snow effect seen commonly on old television sets. A good selection of music and sound effects help accentuate the experience, although the conclusion of this adventure may surprise a few people because of how little resolution it provides to many of the questions that might arise from playing.

Name: Pathways
Developer: Terry Cavanagh
Category: Adventure
Type: Freeware
Size: 2MB