Ping Pong is cactus' take on the popular table tennis game, although some rules were changed for a more arcade feel rather than an accurate simulation of the sporting pastime. Each player serves the ball twice before possession goes over to their opponent, and the first player to reach eleven points wins the set. It's a bit disorientating at first to see the ball pass through the net instead of bouncing off it, but after a few games this oddity will hardly be noticed as you struggle to keep up with the pace of the action.

A training module is included to assist new players with learning the controls, while the hotseat multiplayer feature allows two people to take on each other in a friendly match. Note also the super smash is only available to use in the original mode.

Name: Ping Pong
Developer: cactus
Category: Sports
Type: Freeware
Size: 2MB

Ping Pong (Cactus Squid)
Ping Pong gameplay video