Paradox Interactive have announced the creation of a brand new indie label with which they hope to promote independent developers and their games.

Mezmer Games has been set up to help indie developers reach a wider audience through their digital distribution. Games will apparently range from $9.99 - $19.99. Fredrik Wester, Executive Vice President of Paradox, had this to say of the move:

“There are so many high-quality titles out there that show a great deal of potential but never reach the gamers... our intention is to be a platform for great games that traditional publishers do not want to invest their time and money in. By exclusively releasing the products digitally, we’ll be to deliver many niche and developing titles to an audience that would otherwise be unable to purchase the products.”

The Mezmer Games site is also set up like a community to allow developers to talk directly to gamers an find out what they think about latest projects and general gaming trends.

Two games are penned in for a Q2 2009 release at the moment - Legio which is described as 'a mix between chess and real-time strategy' and Stalin vs Martians, another strategy game, this one involving aliens and World War II.

It's definitely great news for indie developers and hopefully we'll start to see them jumping onto the bandwagon sometime soon.