Blush is the latest offering from the guys over at Flashbang Studios and, if first impressions are anything to go by, Flashbang have another hit on their hands.

Given a time limit of 4 minutes, players direct a squid-like creature around the depths of the ocean. Collecting eggs and disposing of nasty swimming beasts is the key to scoring, while stringing together combos of sea creature-squishing and egg-stealery is your ticket to the top of the leaderboards.

All afore-mentioned killing and collecting is done via the tentacles lugging around behind our watery hero. The method needed is as follows: First approach your victim, then when in close proximity, give the mouse a spin causing squiddy to flick his tentacles around in a circle and slap the bad guy dead. The deceased explode into beautiful colour, leaving behind eggs which can then be collected in the same tail-swishing manner.

Talking of beautiful, this seems an appropriate moment to point out just how fantastic this game looks. Not only does it feel brilliant to play, it benefits immensely from stunning visuals, not to mention just the most perfect soundtrack which periodically alters itself to fit the action happening on screen.

So right now it's sounding like a beefed-up arcade style extravaganza, yes? To the casual gamer who wants to give it a couple of plays through, thoroughly enjoying the experience and then move onto their next indie fix, it is indeed a splendid splash of fun. We recommend, however, that giving it a few more gos would be a better way to spend your hard-earned free time, as Blush has rather a lot of hidden depth to offer.
See, it's all about working out a balance between egg collecting and enemy-bashing. Every time eggs are stored away, the tentacles on our squid friend grow longer allowing for longer-range tail whipping and advanced egg collecting. Longer tentacles will also cause much bigger creatures to appear; Harder to beat but worth a bundle of points. And once these are destroyed and eggs are released, longer whippers can be obtained, leading to even more epic encounters...

However, this must all be done in the space of 4 minutes and so players must decide - do you collect as many eggs as possible before cashing them in, or grab small batches, causing growth bit by bit? Logic says collecting lots in one go is the best way, as the combo counter will get nice and high - yet collecting in smaller doses will unleash baddies worth more points faster. Decisions!

Then there's the whole sea to explore. The first couple of attempts will see you sticking to the same area, spotting the same enemies time and time again and racking up a nice enough score. But take a wander and you'll find that there's quite a lot more to see (and kill). The level is rather expansive and seeing every corner of this beautiful, underwater world is a game in itself.

Blush is gorgeous, highly entertaining and quite simply yet another triumph for the Flashbang guys. Go and explore over at Blurst.