You know how sometimes you just want to put down the clever puzzle game and grab a dose of mindless shooting fun? Death vs. Monstars could fill that void. It's a Geometry Wars style blaster containing such silly gimmicks as 'Berserk Mode' and 'Bullet Time' and it's great fun.

Enemies spawn all over the screen and it's your job to destroy them and grab the plunder. Money can then be used to upgrade your little floating skull, making the killing easier. Of course, with each level the difficulty gets ramped up, so making use of the provided Berserk Mode (crazy firing all over the screen to wipe out all enemies present) and Bullet Time (take a wild guess) is essential.

It's even got a Boss battle to deal with at the end which is pretty challenging. So if you're looking for a nice, brain-dead way to pass the time, help Death beat those crazy Monstars over at Game Reclaim.