Balance of Power: 21st Century places you in charge of the US straight after the 9/11 bombings and asks you to make numerous decisions about the welfare of the world. It's a storybook style game where all goings-on happen in text form. Every decision you make has a consequence and it's up to you to decide how to play - either be an evil dictator and scare every other leader into submission, or be kind and generous and win their approval.

It's a simple setup but there's plenty to try out, ranging from preventing nations from firing nuclear missiles to setting off some of your own. A balance needs to be struck between using force to keep the more hostile nations at bay, while staying friendly with those who may be able to offer help.

The game is a pretty mixed bag which will seem cool to some and rather boring to others. It definitely has potential and maybe if it were taken a little further (visuals, charisma etc) Balance of Power could be really quite nice. Give it a play and see what you make of it.

Source: IndieBird