Social Experiment is a puzzle platformer for one or two players, where the objective is to get both characters to the checkered point safely while avoiding pitfalls, enemies and traps carefully laid to hinder your progress. Throughout the game, you'll be required to swap characters frequently to access their unique abilities for overcoming challenges. While directing the actions of one protagonist, the other can be ordered to follow you or remain stationary in one spot with every press of the control key.

Though pleasing to the eye, the game does have a couple of notable flaws here and there. Switching characters isn't exactly a smooth process, high jumps are tricky to execute at times, and the difficulty can be a huge turn-off especially during the last few levels where one mistake would mean having to press the R key for another quick restart. Still, it's a decent effort from a promising developer looking to emulate cactus and 2Dcube's success with Mark Overmars' versatile game maker engine.