U.S. consumer magazine and website GamePro is preparing to enter into the world of game publishing - more specifically and oddly, independent game publishing.

Under the guise of GamePro Labs, they are aiming to help some of the latest indie development talent out there, working on a variety of formats including XNA, iPhone, the Playstation Network and, of course, the PC. GamePro claims that "by letting us handle all of the sales and marketing for your products, you get more time to code".

They are currently taking applications from any budding developer ready to sign their life away - presumably for a cut of the resultant royalties. Developers will not only find their game being published under the GamePro brand, but also have access to perks as regular promos in GamePro magazine, developer access to their community, and tools to promote your games, apparently.

GamePro will apparently only be taking 'a select number of games to publish each year', so for more information - or at least a submission form - head over to the GamePro Labs site.