Possibly one of the more interesting talks (or at the very least, weirdest) at GDC was by Jonatan Söderström about making games in four hours or less, which is quite likely a reference to The Poppenkast's latest game development competition that had just recently ended.

At the end of the lecture, cactus had shown a couple of games which he likes but did not make. Here is a list of the games presented which can be downloaded or played online:

String Deluxe, by Kvalsternacka (download)
Up a Lazy Ocean, by David Scatliffe
I Wish I Were the Moon, by Daniel Benmergui
I Was in the War, by Bisse (download, right-click to save)
Radian, by Jabberwock
Psycho, by Jan Willem Nijman

GDC 09: The Four-Hour Game Design (Destructoid)

All photos taken during the talk courtesy of Alex May and Dan Tabar.