So, as per usual, I'm typing up things when I should be going to GDC parties, but don't worry, the horribly indie shindig in question runs til 1.30am, and I just wanted to make sure all those folks who didn't get to go to GDC could check out the coverage.

Please post in comments if you've found more write-ups of sessions, too, but here's what a quick scan produced - thanks to everyone who wrote up the IGS panels this year.

We're hoping to make a few (everything was video + slides recorded this year!) available for free on the new GDC Vault service - maybe the 2D Boy day 1 keynote and the plain insane Indie Game Maker's Rant? Maybe take a few days, though!

Anyhow, here's the marvellous coverage, please to have fun reading:

- Destructoid: GDC 09: The Indie Advantage?; GDC 09: Beyond Single Player; GDC 09: Making Web Games: The Indie Experience; GDC 09: The Indie Game Maker Rant; GDC 09: Crayon Physics Deluxe postmortem; GDC 09: The Four-Hour Game Design; GDC 09: Everything you wanted to know about going indie....

- TIGSource: IGS '09: The Four-Hour Game Design (Cactus); IGS '09: The Indie Game Maker Rant.

- GameSpot: The Art Of Promoting Indie; GDC 2009: Ranting, indie style; GDC 2009: The Art of Promoting Indie; GDC 2009: EA Play head explains indie advantage.

- Joystiq: GDC09: IGF Mobile Award winners announced; GDC09: IGF showcases 'the next great mobile game' concepts.

Offworld: Indie Games Summit: 2D Boy/Polytron's top 10 ways to market your indie game.

IGN: GDC 09: Making LOVE in Your Bedroom.

RANDOM BONUS: 'Host Master and the Conquest of Humor' (Tim Schafer hasn't finished his Choice Awards script yet, but he HAS finished an awesome Flash game about, uhh, not having finished his Choice Awards script. Ohdear.)