One of the highlights of the recent Global Game Jam has been taken into full production. Pulse was originally the work of Team 4lfa from the Netherlands. Two players work together to try and keep a beat going - the better the timing, the better the beat sounds, the more full the music gets and the faster the sparks fly on screen. While it didn’t exactly keep my attention for a great amount of time, it definitely did wonders to my senses.

Now this short 48-hour made game will receive full production treatment courtesy of online games production company Virtual Fairground. Ilja Goossen of Virtual Fairground had this to say on the decision:

“We recognize a kick-ass concept when we see one... With 97% of the audience voting for Pulse during the Dutch Global Game Jam final, it was clear that the concept struck a nerve. This idea holds such strong promise, we just had to do something with it.”

The team hope to have a full demo ready for the Game Developers Conference 2009 later this month where they plan to show the concept to potential publishers and distributors.

The original Global Game Jam version of Pulse can still be downloaded via the official Pulse site.