With the recent release of a trailer for their next project, Anoop Gantayat has given a demo of the game a go at the Tokyo International Anime Fair and explains on his blog 4 different modes he played:

- Block painting game
As players run around the play field, they turn any blocks that they touch to their own color. The goal is to do this for more blocks than your rival. You don't have to do anything to the blocks to change their color -- just walk over them or bump into them from the side or below.

- Soccer game
Players attempt to knock a soccer ball into a goal. This is done by simply bumping into the ball or punching it.

- Gold collecting game
There's a giant goldfish floating about the stage. When struck, it releases gold. The goal is to collect as much of the gold as possible.

- Soul collecting game
In this mini game, when an enemy is defeated, his soul floats away. Collect an opponent's soul, and you get big points. If you lose your soul, you can chase after it once you've respawned, assuming it hasn't already been taken.

He also notes that the demo which he played was on an Xbox 360, although Behemoth have stated that they are not discussing which platforms the game will be released on yet. So you can bet it will be at least on the 360, with most likely the PC getting a version. Don't count on a PSN store entry, though.

Head over to Anoop's blog for more details.