Stalin vs. Martians is a real-time strategy game to be released in April this year and, if the above trailer and the official website are anything to go by, we're in for an extremely odd experience.

Based around the idea of aliens landing in Russia in 1942 and Stalin leading his troops to victory over these unruly martians, the game depicts Stalin as a huge, playable colossus who... like to dance. A lot.

Honestly, Stalin vs. Martians looks like it's going to be hilarious. Quoted from the SvM site:

"Under the Stalin's command we must take control over Red Army forces and kick some alien ass. What shocks the most is that the martian forces look like a gay parade of Nintendo-styled cartoonish creatures."

Quite. Just take a look at the FAQ section of their website to see what kind of developers you're up against. Strangely enough, the game is actually developed by 3 different studios, hence why we have provided the name of the publisher (Mezmer Games) above instead of piling all 3 names into the title line.

We'll have more news on the game in the next few weeks leading up to release.