Only recently did we introduce you to Ouch!, a game for the iPhone in which throwing a small person would score you points. And only recently did it remind us of the original Stair Dismount and make us wish for an iPhone version.

Then today some divine intervention occured and Secret Exit announced Stair Dismount Touch! Or didn't announce it as the case may be. In a forum post at Touch Arcade titled 'The Official Thread of Denial and Misinformation', the guys from Secret Exit completely did not announce the game whatsoever and had this to say:

"If such a game existed, it might theoretically be a small-scale evolution from the original Stair Dismount - with perhaps support for custom faces on Mr. Dismount. It would be foolish to add a button for taking screenshots into the game, that would only make it easy to... take screenshots. Any such speculations should be dismissed for being redundant."

For those still quite confused, this is their own special way of saying 'Stair Dismount Touch is Coming Soon!'. Check out the forum post for more information.