Music composer Josh Wechel has grabbed a load of his indiegame-developing friends and asked them to provide music for a Relay for Life album. Including work by such indie entrepreneurs as Kyle Gabler of 2D Boy fame and Alec Holowka, composer for Aquaria, all proceeds will go directly to funding cancer research and helping those affected by cancer.

It really is a great cause and we're willing to bet it's worth every penny. $10 will get you a digital copy, while $25 will also get you an exclusive physical copy of the album. Of course, anyone wishing to donate is welcome to pay as little or as much as they choose.

Donators will also get a free copy of Josh Whelchel's upcoming album as a bonus gift, so you can't really turn your nose up at that! Again, it's an excellent cause and definitely worth donating towards.

Read more about Relay For Life and the Indie Music CD over on Josh Whelchel's site and then head over to the Relay For Life site to donate.