Don't worry - it's only a slight delay and it looks like it's going to be quite worth it.

Zeno Clash, the debut from ACE Team, will now feature a new game mode called Survival Mode. Taking place in a tower, players must complete challenges and defeat enemies to progress up the tower. Score will be dished out based on the speed and performance of the player and scores can be uploaded to a ranking system to allow comparison with friends.

Andres Bordeu of ACE Team explained the addition of this new mode:

"We took in consideration the feedback we were getting from the community and decided Zeno Clash needed a game mode with a competitive component where the players could enjoy the fun of the combat mechanics without having to go through the single player campaign again."

The addition of this new gameplay mode has pushed the release of Zeno Clash back ever so slightly, with the new release window now being April. A definitive release date will be announced soon.

Check out the Zeno Clash blog for all the latest details on the game. For now, watch the development video above which gives a nice insight into how the combat mechanics will work.