PlayFirst are having a 'April Friends and Family Weekend Sale'. Every game on the site bar two can be bought for 50% off the normal price using checkout code APRILFRIENDS, with the sale ending tomorrow night.

I've only actually played one game from PlayFirst which is Emerald City Confidential, but that is easily worth the cut price of $9.95, so I would suggest checking that out. The rest of their games are obviously more 'casual' than 'indie' though, so if you are thinking of giving one a go, I'd say grab demos first.

[EDITOR'S COMMENT: Other notable titles that might be of interest to indie game lovers - Oasis (an IGF winner back in the day), Fizzball, an Breakout vs. Katamari title and IGF finalist from Grubby Games, plus Chocolatier 2 (IF writer Emily Short has done good critiques of this interesting trading game series.)

Oh, and there's Mr. Biscuits - The Case of the Ocean Pearl?!?! OK, skip that last one unless you want to play as a 'lovable pug' investigating a mysterious cruise-based crime. Heh. And incidentally, Gamezebo's Steals & Deals news page is handy for keeping up with casual site deals - Simon.]