The ACE Team guys haven't even got Zeno Clash out of the door yet and already they are bored of it and have decided to move on to doing exactly what they always dreamed of - making point and click adventures.

Andres Bordeu of ACE Team explained to us:

"We’re exhausted now that we are reaching the end of the development cycle of Zeno Clash. It’s been two hard years of little sleep and a lot of work, so we are announcing that after Zeno Clash we will not continue to develop such ambitious projects.

Instead we will focus in smaller titles with shorter development cycles. Our new direction will be ‘point and click’ adventure games."

And true to their word, 'The Malstrums Mansion' is already available to play for free! Surely this change of direction will make them millions in the long run. Indeed, all the big indie developers of this generation should look to ACE Team as the guys who started a revolution. Viva la ACE Team and all that jazz.

Anyway... give The Malstrums Mansion a go on this first day of the month of April.