After many years and being mentioned in 211 entries in this blog (estimation based on a Google search) Braid is now out for PC -- you can get it on Steam as well as Greenhouse, Impulse, and GamersGate.

The best parts of the game for me were the puzzle design and the ending. The puzzles are the meat of the game, and they really do make you feel like a genius when you solve them, as opposed to most puzzles that are often more a matter of frustrating trial and error or multiple attempts until you get it right.

There are no really redundant puzzles, each one is important. It does feel as if there really was three years of work put into the puzzle design. As nice as the music and art are, the puzzle design stole the show for me. The puzzles also aren't just mental challenges, many of them make points about game design in general, referring to other games and suggesting how it could be done better, just through its puzzles.

The story may be a bit too obscure and require too much guessing for some, there's something of a metaphor between the mechanics of the game and the idea of being able to reverse things that you regret. And what it would mean to live like that, and what kind of person would wish for that.

The frame rate was a bit low for me, you probably need a strong computer to handle the game; if you don't have a pretty good video card, try the demo (119 MB) out first.

Although if the frame rate in the first world seems very slow don't lose hope, it (World 2) was by far the slowest for me, after that it ran fairly okay. I felt that there should have been more settings/options -- at least an option to lower the resolution or to reduce some of the particle effects for slower computers.