Station's Golf is a golf simulation game created by SKT Products (of Moai fame) which offers just one hole to play. Only three shots are allowed per game, and after you've used up all of your swings the session ends with a results screen showing the final score and grade achieved by the player. Two options are then presented to you, where you can choose to watch a pointless and long-winded replay of your last game or attempt to pocket the ball into the hole once again.

A swing can be broken down into two steps, with the first being determining how hard the ball is to be struck by left-clicking when the indicator is between the min and max marks. You would then have to left-click again the moment the white bar is right on the middle point of the green area to hit straight. The ball is pocketed automatically if it touches any part of the flag, so you don't have to aim for the hole specifically to gain a special completion bonus.

You also gain extra points for hitting several commuters in a row with a single ball, but a score penalty is incurred if the ball leaves the borders of the station.