I had already decided before April 1st that I'd choose one, maybe two of the best April Fool's jokes to post about. The first came yesterday, but today I just couldn't resist posting this beauty from Terry Cavanagh. I must admit that for a good 10 seconds my eyes lit up at the thought.

Terry has announced the sequel to his brilliant Don't Look Back. Cunningly titled Don't Look Back 2: Stop Looking Back, he explains:

"Don’t Look Back 2 is an improvement in almost everyway; more action, more jumping, more explosions, and more colours.

The game’s basically an arena shooter/racing game with RPG elements. As you defeat more and more waves of Maenads, you pick up shotguns, chainguns, jetpacks, and nukes."

You can check out the trailer for the upcoming sequel over on his blog. It's an absolute corker. This game is going to be SWEEEET.