(Don't) Save The Princess reminds me a lot of one of my favourite childhood games Chu Chu Rocket, and that's definitely not a bad thing.

You've captured the princess and now the knight must be thwarted in his attempt to save her. This, of course, involves placing arrow blocks all over the screen in an attempt to fling him around, eventually landing in the jaws of your pet monster. When the knight touches the force coming from a placed block, he will speed off in that direction. Stringing together the right path is the key.

The knight will also smash through any arrow block which he has already used before - another idea used by Chu Chu Rocket. While the game begins rather strangely, it does become quite compelling to play. It never really gets difficult and can be whizzed through in a good half an hour, but it's worth a play.

There's also a level editor with the option to save your puzzles for other players to have a crack at. Grab a piece of the knight-flinging action over on Alexander Shen's site.