Suffering from a case of too many punctuations, Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation (created for TIGSource's Cockpit Compo) is a physics-based driving simulator where the objective is to assist a bear eat just enough food before going into a long hibernation sleep. Being drowsy and all, the bear's mobility is limited to just one paw, hence the wheel, gear shift and pedals can only be operated one at a time. You could place an object on the pedal to help with the driving, although the unpredictability factor may do more harm than help with the situation.

The bear solely eats berries and fishes, so only by driving through a berry bush or a pond full of fishes wil you be able to fill the inside of the car with the right food to consume. Once you've eaten enough, then it's off to one of the caves to sleep for an entire year. Objects which obscure your view or impede your ability to drive can be removed from the car by grabbing them and throwing them out of the window or roof.

There's a slight problem with this release though. The difficulty curve is rather unforgiving at times, especially when you've reached year five and allowed only sixty seconds to fill the bear's stomach with food. You can switch to full screen mode by pressing the Alt and Enter key. (download page, gameplay video)