Mental Repairs, Inc. is a point and click adventure game in the style of classic LucasArts releases, created by Renzo Thönen with the help of the Wintermute Engine. You play the role of a machine psychiatrist named Henrik Liaw, who received an innocent emergency call during the night from a large corporation requesting for repair works to be done on their main computer with haste. Nothing ever goes smoothly in an adventure game, and once you're inside the building you quickly find yourself trapped with no clear exit from your little predicament in sight.

As a machine psychiatrist, you repair defective electronic devices by entering the machine's psyche and treating them from the inside. This involves using a wrench-like tool called the Katharsis Interface to establish a mental connection with the machine's articificial brain, then finding a solution to the problem before returning to reality once you've managed to sort things out.

There are less than twenty rooms to explore in total, and the game probably won't take longer than an afternoon to complete at most. You can also highlight interactive spots and exits by pressing the space key or clicking on the green magnifying glass icon on screen. (walkthrough)