okkuplektor is a stylish 3D shooter where the objective is to search for a yellow box hidden somewhere in each stage, usually placed inside castles which are to be destroyed before revealing their prizes. Weapons and ammunition have to be collected before you can attack any enemy ships, indicated by the buttons and counter at the bottom left of your head-up display. Health is shown as a row of white bars at the top of the screen, and if your ship is damaged by enemy projectiles you can replenish this gauge by collecting the blue triangles found sporadically in some levels.

You only have three ships to use when attempting to complete the entire journey. When all three of the large white boxes shown on your display panel are gone this means you would have to play the game from the beginning once again. There are roughly ten areas to explore in total, and the encounter with a large snake-like creature is the last room you will visit in this TIGSource Cockpit compo release build. Note that when starting okkuplektor for the first time, the game will take a few minutes to precalc data and decompress audio files. This process is only required to run once, although it can be interrupted at any time by pressing the escape key. (direct download link, gameplay video)