According to creator Jasper Byrne, Rockabilly Head may or may not be about rockabillys (or should that be rockabillies? Who really knows) at all. The last dream of a dying man sat on a train, Rockabilly Head follows his train of thought as he sets out to be a great rockabilly.

Of course this involves stepping into his own head and tapping keyboard buttons in rhythm to impress other rockabillys who have quite a lot to say. Yes, this is your crazy fix for the weekend and it's pretty fantastic. Everything about the game is special - the graphical style, the music you just can't help bounce along too - it even has 4 different endings to find, depending on how well you dance.

And Jasper developed the whole game in 2 days. I call genius on this one. Give it a go and then read his postmortem.