There's been no news at all regarding Klei Entertainment's Sugar Rush for some time now and, since revealing their new title Shank recently, followers of Sugar Rush could be forgiven for wondering where the future of the game is headed, especially since Klei stated that they were "currently unable to really respond to questions about [Sugar Rush] right now".

Worry no more! There has been an official update:

"The game hasn't gone away.

Since the shutdown of Nexon Publishing North America, there's been a ton of inquiries regarding the fate of Sugar Rush.

Nexon has been amazingly great to work with during the difficult transition, and the current result is that Klei has retained the rights to Sugar Rush, and remain committed to the title.

As of yet, both Klei and Nexon are exploring multiple options regarding Nexon's publishing of Sugar Rush in North America and no final decision has been made."

So while this isn't exactly a definite "Everything is OK!", it's great to know the title hasn't died.