Thought I'd add to Tim's lovely selection of previews for today with this here one what I founded via RockPaperShotgun - it's the followup to hilarious point-and-clicker Ben There, Dan That! and it's called Time Gentleman, Please.

There's no details on when it will be out, but there's plenty on how it will compare to its prequel:

"It looks exponentially prettier, and I thought it’s about time I showed off some of the stuff that’s near-as-dammit ‘done’... Everything looks slightly crisper - it’s running at a higher resolution and with much more detail and care put into the locations, but still with that scatty BTDT look and feel.

There’s also the EmotionsEngine, which shows whether Dan and Ben are happy, grumpy or relatively indifferent to a scene."

There's even talk of 'particle effects'. Ooh, shiny! Well, while you're waiting for this to get released, go give Ben There, Dan That another go.