Mezmer Games' slightly odd strategy title Stalin vs Martians has now been released. Just in case you've been down a hole and missed what it's about, here's an extract from the official site:

"Stalin vs. Martians is a natural choice for anyone bored of hundreds and hundreds identical 'World War II real-time strategy games'. It's a perfect choice for anyone who just hates the strategy genre."

From initial reactions it would appear that all the zaniness may have been a smokescreen to hide the fact that there really isn't that much decent gameplay here. Rock Paper Shotgun in particular give it rather a ripping, with Kieron Gillen stating that "it was clear it was going to be absolutely terrible".

He also makes the point that there seems to be "something wrong with the game" in terms of optimisation, and I know exactly what he means there - on attempting to run the game, it simply tells me that a 'problem' has occurred and quits. Lovely.

If I finally manage to get the damn thing working, you can expect a review of sorts to adorn this blog. For now, you can head over to a variety of distributors, including Impulse and Gamersgate and give it a gander.