The Magi and the Sleeping Star is a game aimed at raising awareness of Type 1 Diabetes. Developed by Game Equals Life, this 'health education game' follows the story of a magical hero who must use his powers to save the world while keeping himself healthy all the while.

Adam Grantham from GEL explains:

"When the player’s blood sugar is too high or low, his powers are reduced or even nullified. This makes it impossible for the player to achieve victory until his blood sugar returns to a healthy level. Players are even rewarded with increased power when blood sugar is kept at ideal levels.

Players must test blood sugar, choose healthy food, count carbohydrates and deliver appropriate amounts of insulin. This teaches the players to take full responsibility for diabetes management and puts them in a position to deal with its real-time affects in exciting gameplay situations."

Gameplay aside, it will be very interesting to see how this edu-athon goes down with gamers. On the one hand it's a novel idea and the driving force behind Magi is clearly a worthwhile cause. Of course, at the same time there will be those who see it all as a rather silly concept.

Can blasting monsters in a fantasy world and devoting time to 'good blood sugar management' work together?