Learn To Fly is the story of one penguin's mission to prove once and for all that penguins can indeed fly... or not.

Launching said penguin down an icy ramp, players must tap the left and right button to angle appropriately and perfect the height-to-speed ratio, allowing him to fly faster and further.

It's not exactly a unique concept - this kind of game has been scattered all over the interwebs since the dawn of man - but Learn to Fly does have a number of things going for it. Firstly, the music is infectious (whether that be a good or bad thing, who knows). Second, strapping a glider and rocket combo onto a penguin can never be a bad thing.

Finally, trying to get the almighty 6000 feet at the end is incredibly difficult and took me a good 5 attempts. For anyone who is stuck at this point and cannot reach that elusive number, check out Tasselfoot's walkthrough.

Help Mr. Penguin Learn To Play over at Armor Games.