In Miracle Witch you assume the role of an apprentice magic caster named Polfe, chosen by her peers for a quest to defeat the evil king Yeah Walusa and his invading party of monsters. This involves going around the island dispatching creatures, acquiring new spell books and searching for treasures to loot.

Health is regained automatically by standing still at one spot for a period of time, and switching spells is possible by clicking on any spell book at the bottom of the screen. Players start out with the basic magic missile spell, but can unlock flame, ice and lightning spells by opening treasure chests that contain magical tomes within them.

Note that a couple of treasure chests are invisible at first, and will only appear once you've fulfilled certain requirements. Some trees can also be burnt with the flame spell as well. There are two control schemes to choose from, and you can select between them by pressing the space key at any time. (video tutorial)