Paneroku (Click Panel) is a browser-based board game for four players, where the objective is to guide your avatar to the destination in the middle of the screen before any of the other computer-controlled characters reach it. Instructions are only available in the Japanese language, although with a bit of trial and error you should be able to grasp most of the rules after a couple of sessions.

The round begins with each player taking turns to either place roads on the board or draw some cards from the two decks. You can place as many roads as you like before drawing cards or ending your turn, but a card cannot be placed if it causes any other path already created on the board to lead to a dead end. Players are not allowed to set any more cards on the board after drawing a card from the deck as well. You can only draw a second card or end your turn so that the next player may make their move.

Roads can be drawn from the blue deck, while effect cards are obtainable from the red deck. Using the red X on the board will deny other players from placing a card on that space. The red arrow nullifies an effect, and blue arrows can be used to remove existing roads from the board. Starting from the second round, players would first have to roll the dice to move their avatars before they can place roads or draw cards from the deck. To end your turn, simply click on the blue button at the bottom of the screen.

This release is the prototype version, so players should naturally expect to encounter a bug or two when playing.