I've been playing too much of Lazy 8 Studios' Cogs lately, up to a point where it's starting to affect my writing responsibilities. Michael had reviewed the game a couple of weeks ago, but I must also add that Cogs is a game that everyone should try regardless of whether they're fond of puzzle games or not - simply because it's one of the best puzzlers of its kind to be released in the past few years. (possibly since Alexey Pajitnov's Pandora's Box)

The sheer satisfaction of solving a puzzle on your own was one of the things that Jonathan Blow wanted players to experience when playing Braid, and it is that same exact feeling you get in Cogs when the tiles click into place and contraptions whir to live.

The game hardly gets any press on other sites, and concerns of having Steam installed to play the demo is warranted of course, but not trying Cogs out because puzzlers aren't the sort of games you are into is sort of inexcusable. Nearly everyone got addicted to Puzzle Quest, didn't they?

Perhaps you're concerned about the difficulty of the puzzles, and Michael did state that it could get complicated in later stages, but you don't have to play the puzzles in any order nor solve every one of them to unlock all fifty levels.

The game is great, and I urge you to give the demo a go.

Review: Cogs (IndieGames)