Both Newgrounds and GameJolt could be making you some cash right now, just for creating games. OK, so you're not going to become a millionaire from making 'Attack of the Flash Game 4', but every little helps, right?

TIGSource spotted Newgrounds' new Revenue Share scheme which, while it has been around for a while now, is now open to all users. Users can earn ad revenue from posting up games, audio samples and even a blog onto Newgrounds! Cashback!

Of course, not everyone does Flash. Gamejolt is a fairly new independent gaming site which deals with not only Flash games but freeware too. Their new Ad Revenue Sharing plan will go into closed beta very soon, at which time every member who has signed up to the site and uploaded at least one game will go into a hat to join the beta and start earning a whopping 50% of the ad monies.

And that applies to the people who don't get into the beta too! Every developer who signs up right now will "get 50% of the ad revenue from your games... for life!" according to the Gamejolt site.

Again, don't expect to become wildly rich off of any of these schemes, but still... it's cash, right?