Downfall is a horror adventure game created with Chris Jones' AGS engine, featuring hand-drawn background art and original soundtrack by Remigiusz and Michal Michalski. The story is about a couple who decides to stay the night in an old hotel before resuming their journey home the next day, although things start to turn weird when you wake up the next morning to discover your partner missing without a clue of her current whereabouts.

Normally this shouldn't bother anyone but after an argument that Joe (the main character) and Ivy (your partner) have had before retiring to bed, it is now your responsibility to find her just to make sure that everything is fine. Searching the hotel you will begin to realize that it houses a couple of dark secrets no one should ever discover, but to save Ivy you must leave no stone unturned, even when rational thought is telling you to turn tail and flee from the hotel as quickly as you can.

The game boasts a simple GUI interface that does away with complicated verb text, with all inventory items accessible by moving the pointer towards the top half of the screen. Examining or interacting with objects and characters require only a click of the left or right mouse button, while all conversation choices that Joe could say to another person are presented in a list at the bottom of the window.

Most puzzles require figuring out which item should be used to overcome a specific problem or obstacle, and thankfully there are no combination code, colour, symbol or sliding tile puzzles to be found anywhere in the game. A minor complaint is that one or two collectibles don't stand out enough from the background, and you could easily miss something if you do not carefully comb through each area with your mouse to find objects that will be of importance later in your adventure.

It should be noted that Downfall features a lot of violence, gore, graphic scenes, strong language and even some nudity. A short demo is available to download from FilePlanet, and the full game can be purchased from Direct2Drive.