Zero Point Software have been working on Interstellar Marines for quite some time now with little word on how it's all going. The last trailer for their upcoming FPS, Sci‐fi, action and adventure game was released waaay back in 2006.

Now a new update to the official site is coming this Friday which will add a community 'enlistment' feature. There's no word on whether this will be a simple community site or something more - for example, beta sign up - nor is there any update on a release date.

Set in the future, it will feature singleplayer or up to four players cooperative, custom game modes featuring arcade, RPG and tactical elements, a "captivating storyline with heavy focus on realism" and non‐linear gameplay.

It looks like graphically Interstellar Marines is shaping up rather well - well, that's from the 3 seconds of gameplay footage in the above recently released trailer. If you're looking to get more of a feel for the game, try the original trailer.

Be sure to check out the site on Friday for what's going down.