Links to some of the interviews with prolific or high-profile indie game developers of today:

Felix Bohatsch, Broken Rules (video)
Good old Anthony chats with the developer of And Yet It Moves on this week's Bytejacker episode.

Swords & Soldiers Preview (video)
The name Ronimo Games might not be familiar to most, but perhaps their student project de Blob (now a Nintendo Wii title) ought to ring a bell.

Interview with Erik Svedang (text)
Blueberry Garden should be released sometime this month, according to the game's information page on Steam.

Interview with Terry Cavanagh (text)
A major spoiler about Don't Look Back is revealed in this interview, so it's best not to read article until you've completed the game.

An Interview with Crayon Physicist Petri Purho (text)
Petri interviewed by John Teti just after his GDC '09 talk for a special AV Club feature.

A Talk with Rudolf Kremers and Alex May (text)
Dyson creators speaking to the Charge Shot crew about their unique space colonization game.

A Talk with Daniel Remar (text)
Also on Charge Shot, a rare interview with the developer of Iji.

The Happy Medium Interview: Anna Anthropy (text)
Game designer dessgeega voicing her concerns about stereotypical characterization in games while revealing her plans to change the status quo.

Braid, Jonathan Blow Speaks (text)
Always a pleasure to highlight any interview with Jon as the participant.

Interview with Jakub Dvorský (text)
The possibility of a third Samorost game discussed.

The man behind the wonderful world of Gravity Bone (text)
Rather outdated, but a good read nonetheless.

Gravity Bone Creator on Sequel, New Game (text)
Brendon talks about the possibilites of a sequel, and reveals some information about his upcoming strategy game for the XBLA platform, titled Atom Zombie Smashers.

A Prickly Situation for Cactus: Going Casual (text)
Braid-Damaged Toon Underworld isn't actually abandoned, you know. (same goes with the third Mondo game)

Zen Bound for iPhones (Secret Exit)
More articles from the same source. This time we have creator of the Dismount series chatting about Zen Bound and plans to release Stair Dismount for the iPhone and iPod Touch.