Steam's usual weekend offers delve into indie and casual grounds this time around, with offers on all of MumboJumbo's casual collection and a 'Bone-Breaking Package' from Redlynx.

Every single MumboJumbo game is now 50% off for the next couple of days. Personally I can't claim to have given their games much of my time, however I did once give one of the Samantha Swift find-a-thons a go and, while nothing special, it was quite relaxing which I guess is what part of being 'casual' is.

Redlynx's Trials 2 and more recent Monster Trucks Nitro are on offer together in a double pack for $4.99. Trials 2 has been on offer so many times now it's getting a little embarrassing, while Monster Trucks Nitro is basically Trials 2... with monster trucks. Still, if you haven't tried either, this is definitely worth splashing your pocket money out on.