[Update: Blueberry Garden is now available to download through Steam! Yay!]

Original story: Those of you following the IGF award-winning Blueberry Garden will no doubt already know this, but for everyone else, Erik Svedang's strange world has been delayed.

While Steam is now proclaiming that it will be released in the afternoon tomorrow (June 10th), Erik has this to say on his blog:

"Seems like there are some problems with the Steam release stuff, will probably take a little while to sort it out. I hope you have some patience with this, it's the first time I do it right? I'm terribly sorry and I will do all I can to get the game out as soon as possible!"

Does this mean the new date on Steam may still be wrong? Only time will tell I guess, but worst case scenario, you'd assume the game isn't going to be delayed anymore than a few days.

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