Gregory Weir has done it again. How to Raise a Dragon follows the rise and potential fall of a mythical beast from hatching to distilling fear in the hearts of pitiful humans. As you'd expect from a Gregory Weir game, there are multiple endings depending on the direction you decide to take.

Your first steps into the world determine your dragon's colouring. The second part (adolescence) is all about deciding what kind of special power you want to spew from your dragon's mouth. Will you be a fiery tryant raining down destruction or be a kind soul? There are a few different options to choose from.

Finally, at full grown state, it's time to interact with humans. Again, how you decide to handle yourself makes all the difference. Once this is all done, there's a final twist which marks out the ending once and for all.

I'm not sure if this is where Greg got his inspiration from, but once the game has been played through once, the menu system all goes a bit Spore-like. It's possible to choose which stage to start from, and what kind of colour/power to have (as long as you have previously unlocked them).

Anyway, it's all brilliantly done. So... go play! It's at Armor Games.